Revesby Pacific Hotel

Distance from Padstow Park Hotel: 2.3km or a 6 minute drive.

The Revesby Hotel offers friendly and dedicated staff who generate a fun, vibrant and safe atmosphere for all to enjoy. The Revesby Hotel offers a great variety of products in both their bars and bottle shop.

Revesby Pacific Hotel

Padstow Park Public School

Distance from Padstow Park hotel: 2.3km or a 6 minute drive.

Located at 12 Segers Ave, Padstow NSW 2211. Padstow Park Public school is a friendly and multicultural Public School offering a variety of activities in the classroom ranging from gifted and talented programs, sporting teams, violin, choir, dance groups, public speaking and debating.

Padstow Park Public School
Padstow Park Railway Station

Padstow Train Station

Distance from Padstow Park Hotel: 140m or a 1 minute drive.

Padstow railway station is located on the East Hills line, serving the Sydney suburb of Padstow. It is served by Sydney Trains T2 Airport line services. Situated in the midst of Padstow, this station is located at a convenient place in walking distance to all local stores.

Padstow Park Library

Padstow Library and Knowledge Centre

Distance from Padstow Park Hotel: 850m or a 4 minute drive.

Opened since 1959, Padstow Library and Knowledge Centre prides itself as a relevant asset to the community offering resources for all. Only a 2 minute walk from Padstow Train station, Padstow Library is located in a convenient spot for you.

TAFE NSW | Padstow College

Distance from Padstow Park Hotel: 1.0km or a 3 minute drive.

Padstow College was opened in 1981 and is located at Raine Rd, Padstow NSW 2211. Providing high quality vocational education and training opportunities, Padstow College has built a solid relationship with local industry and community organisations. Only minutes away from Padstow Park Hotel, perfect for students and staff to go and relax after a long day, this college is a perfect place for you to start.

Padstow College